tonsillectomy has totally wiped me out.

Ok, Its done!

I went into surgery about 9am yesterday and woke up from recovery at about 10.30 and finally back to my ward at 11 completely drugged up and out if so I didn’t feel any pain then talking so much shit to my mum haha. However as the day went on I couldn’t sleep properly as I was either waking up panicking by not being able to breathe properly or waking myself up with really loud snores haha. The girls came round to visit me about 5, and dropped me off some soup and a cute little book to read but everything i try to read sends me to sleep cos im so drugged up. Mum, dad and layt, also came too. Now im back home. now i can hardly talk due to feeling the pain a little more than I did yesterday… I cant even yawn now without pain. Dads getting me the ‘Friends’ Box set on DVD so I am going to spend my time watching every season of friends from day 1. I’m starving but all I can eat is soup, jelly, or ice cream/pops. Not going to lie i thought it was going to be so so much worst but before I talk too soon its only day 2 and it’s still pretty bad. The throat is a little like tonsillitis but a bit worse and without the feverish feeling, just a headache, temperature and extremely tired.

Plenty of bed rest for 2 weeks for me…

ice pops…

and loads and loads of friends…

wahhhh I hope this is worth it!!


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