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  1. Bad news after getting a phone call from the letting agency which we sorted out our amazing house with at uni telling us that our landlord has kindly decided to sell the amazing house we were going to be living in. Therefore…leaving us with nowhere to live and because none of us live in Bournemouth its a bit hard to find somewhere new in such a short space of time. damn
  2. I have an infection and my throat is killing me.
  3. The weather has been so bad, I havent seen any english sun in a good few days and even then, it’s not hot?


  1. Loosing this house has made us look into getting a cute little flat in town (instead of not in town where the house that we were going to get was) this way it is easier for nightlife, getting shopping, working in town, getting to uni via buses, the beach is round the corner etc etc, all in all its so so much better! And voila, we have found a flat already so we are sorted for next year and plus the rooms are bigger than the house which works out nicer. I like the flat better than the house so loosing it was a positive thing!
  2. I am finally getting my hair lightened tomorrow and looking forward to a change! (Grandma and Grandad come over too)
  3. I go on holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow to the south of France where I can finally get some sun and relax!

As I am going away on holiday for 2 weeks, I won’t be blogging, I’ll be sunning myself! Hope your all having a good week and if you start your summer holidays…enjoy! :)



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