Good Week

It’s a good week this week…

  • The girls come back from Portugal tomorrow. (I couldn’t afford to go away with the girls this year)
  • I get my cast off this friday at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Olly Murs is playing at giginthepark on saturday, so i get to celebrate having my two feet back :)

next week:

  • I am finally getting my hair lightened. I hope the lemon in my hair trick has worked.
  • I go on holiday next friday to France and I am so looking forward to going away this year!
I have lost 8lbs so far from still doing the Atkins diet (low carb, high protein). Its sucked a bit that I haven’t been able to do any excercise with my broken foot  still in a cast, but hopefully with the help of physio I get my foot working quickly and get back to normal. If so, I’m planning on lots of cycling and swimming when on holiday to catch up, and hope I reach my goal weight of 8st 5lbs by the time September comes!

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  1. Congrats on getting your cast off! I’ve thankfully never broken anything that required a cast, but I know from friends and family that it sucks royally. And what a great way to celebrate having it off, yay for concerts in parks!
    Good luck getting your hair lightened! I dyed my blonde hair red (it turned out Ariel red =/) and my hair stylist had to dye it a reddish-brown before she could start lightening it again. It took at least 6 months to get it back to normal! I have my fingers crossed for you that it won’t take that long :P

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