The Relentless End to my year… a broken foot

To put this story in simple terms I am going to explain this night as being a big failure all around for me and Libby and Leanne. Basically… 3rd year students organised a House party that was sponsored by the drink ‘Relentless’ and there was hot tubs, bouncers, DJ’s, and lots and lots of people going to this house party in which you needed wristband to enter. So…

Everything goes well and we have a few drinks before the party at Katrina’s House

Leanne gives us all something to laugh at as usual, and the drinks keep coming in…

Libby isn’t paraletic…YET

Then we get to the house party, a little too early as it’s not that busy…however… whilst walking into the party, I trip over a pot hole and whilst I giggled about it at the time I did it…I really really hurt my foot (which turned out to be broken but without me knowing this due to a few drinks, I thought that I had sprained my foot so I carry on partying). Failure number 1 of the night.

This photo was taken after I broke my foot therefore I am hopping around on one foot…and the worst was to come yet as Libby (far left) ends up paraletic and an ambulance had to come for her. Failure number 2 of the night.

And finally, this was before Leanne ended up in town on her own… Failure number 3 of the night.


After thinking that I had only sprained my foot, and after spending the whole night before still partying on a broken foot, I started to feel the effects of the night before and my foot was so fat and bruised and of course, I couldn’t put any pressure on my foot what-so-ever. So we go the hospital…

And I wait for the results of my x-ray to come through…

Still expecting the Doctor to come back and tell me that I had sprained my foot.. . I was shocked when he turned around and told me that it was “bad news” and that I had broken my 5th metatarsal, which meant that I had to be put on crutches for 6-7 weeks and I had to be refered to the hospital at home to get a cast on.

The result?

Im stuck in a knee high cast on my right foot for 5 weeks at the start of my summer at home which means no beach, no going out, no getting it wet etc.. the list goes on. I take this as a lesson to watch where I am walking next time… and to not be so silly with drink!!


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