Mr Atkins

Mum has decided to do the Atkins Diet again to lose a few pounds before summer wather really kicks in. I know that the diet has had a lot of criticism over the past but I think that since I am stuck doing nothing with a broken foot, it can’t hurt to at least try to eat a bit more healthier and cut out the carbs, therefore I am trying out the Atkins Diet with Mum.

The diet works on increasing fat and protein intake and to reduce, if not cut out all carbs and then stick to a strict regime of no sugars, which as I haven’t eaten chocolate or crisps in 2 years (from giving them up for lent and then just deciding not to eat them again I don’t know why, it just makes me feel good I guess) I think that it can’t be too hard…although I have a thing with fizzy drinks and sweets, I am going to try to cut them out too. I am hoping to lose the stone and a half that I put on at uni and be a bit slimmer to feel more comfortable with my body, nothing extreme! But I shall keep you updated on how it’s all going!


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