Best year of my life

Its the end of May and i have already finished my first year at uni. Looking back over the past year I have changed so much, but for the better. Last september, i left my home and family to move to Bournemouth, at the time i couldnt think of anything worse than moving away from home and having to do everything myself. I’d have to make a whole new set of friends on my own, be in a new place where I didnt know where anything or anywhere was, and have to cook, clean and shop for myself…wow. However, i slowly leant how to stand on my own two feet and I have met the most amazing people ever at uni and i can honestly say I have had the best year of my life! I’ve had days where I have felt homesick and wanted to go home but i now absolutly love Bournemouth and have so many memories to treasure with amazing people. And theres a lot i am going to miss…

Im going to miss the family ‘West House’ nights out with everyone from Halls.

Im going to miss our corridor

Im going to miss going to events with most of the ‘Westies’.

Im going to miss the chilled nights at Dylan’s Bar which was right on our doorstep for them bored nights where we would all slump on the sofas and talk talk talk for hours together.

The loud drunken bus journeys

Im going to miss Halls being right on campus literally a 30 second walk to class everyday!

I’m going to miss my room 45 West House!

Im going to miss the pranks we played on numerous people in our halls  haha.

And last but not least, i am going to miss those who i was close to this year who are not coming back to bournemouth next year. Meet Mauro. :)

Best year ever…and Im sure my first real ‘freshers’ year where I start my actual degree in Graphic Design BA(Hons) will have a lot more to offer when im living in my new lovely house with Libby, Terry, Lauren and Hec.


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