The Dreaded 19

Late post again because I was waiting for Mirry to upload her photos from this weekend before making this post however…yet to come haha. For my horrible turning the age of 19, I went to Bedlam with a few from halls. This was probably the most stressful day ever though because I was on my way back from Brighton where I stayed with my best friends for a few nights for Courts birthday. If your ever in a rush… make sure you don’t get on a 4 hour journey back to uni with 3 different trains to catch with no money on you or no battery on your phone… possibly one of my most stressful travelling experiences yet! However, I got back just in time to open my birthday box which my family had sent me with some cute clothes and little bitsin, and I had just enough time to get ready and start my birthday celebrations. All round, a great birthday, just a shame 19 is such a horrible age; not a baby anymore, but not quite an adult.



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