I have missed out a whole 2 months of my blog. I have been so busy preparing UCAS and stressing over work. I have my assement tomorrow instead of last week because I ended up with tonsillitis again last week…that is the 8th time in a year. (I will explain about this in about post). However, back to uni. I am really really enjoying uni at the moment, I have rarely been homesick and I am really really enjoying the course that I am doing. I really think that Graphic Design is working well for me. I have an interview on saturday for here; AUCB and I am so so so scared, I am not great when I am on the spot- I tend to just freeze, smile, and smile some more letting every possible word of rubbish come out of my mouth not knowing what I am saying. I want to stay here next year now that I am all settled in and have met new great friends already. I cant imagine having to go through it all again, I want a cute little house next year, no more living in halls…thats if i get in! Fingers crossed, I am so scared!


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